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Cable conductors (item no. 0372, 0370, 0361)

Cable conductor tester TALK&TEST 3004 (item-no.: 0372)

This cable conductor tester is used to establish a two-conductor voice connection from the beginning of a cable to the end, or to any place where the individual conductors are accessible (such as cable sleeves or junction boxes). In addition to duplex communication, with the third conductor (test conductor) connection tests can be performed between the two places. Connections are indicated immediately, both optically and acoustically without delay. It does not matter if the voice lines are unconnected or connected telecommunication lines, if terminal devices are connected or not. Short circuits, ground faults, interruptions and swaps can be located, depending on the termination technique used. A transmitter is built in, which can be activated at either side. This transmitter makes it easy to quickly find the voice conductor pair on the other side. The TALK&TEST 3004 can be used in conjunction with test headphones to follow leads.
+++ Excellent voice quality, highest wearing comfort +++
Cable conductor tester TALK & TEST 3000 (item no.: 0370)

This cable conductor tester is used to establish a two-conductor voice connection. From the beginning to the end of the cable, or to any random position such as to bushings or to terminal blocks where the conductors can be accessed. In addition to far-end crosstalk, connection tests can be performed between the two positions with the third conductor (test conductor). Connections are indicated immediately (optically and acoustically), without delay. It does not matter if the voice conductors are unconnected or connected telecommunications lines, if terminal equipment is connected or not. Short circuits, shorts to ground, broken conductors and swapped conductors can be localized. The voice conductor pair at the remote end is easily found with the built-in signal transmitter (which can be enabled at any end).
Cable conductor tester INTERCOM 718 (item no.: 0361)

Cable conductor tester with headphone, microphone and amplifier. With this continuity tester, a voice connection can be set up and the lines can be checked for continuity. The test tone can be heard in both headphones. Additional INTERCOM 718 units can be added to the voice circuit. Each additional INTERCOM is connected in series

+++ The production of the INTERCOM 718 has ended. Existing INTERCOM 718 can still be used in conjunction with the TALK&TEST 3000. +++


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