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Metal detector LS 200 (item no.: 0351)

The inductive metal detector LS 200 is used to find leads in walls, ceilings, floors or cable ducts as well as to clearly identify conductor pairs. Whether or not leads can be found depends on the received signal strength. The latter, in turn, depends on the construction material between the lead and receiver and on how deep the line is layed. The length of the lead is insignificant. The leads connected to the receiver must be floating, and no resistances or other loads may be connected.

  • The signal generator can also be used as a continuity tester and voltage tester. For instance, it is possible to check in advance the state of the lines or conductor pairs to be searched for.
  • The connections do not have to be reversed. All test functions can be activated by simply switching over at the signal generator.
  • High-quality accessories (two fully insulated alligator clips and an additional pair of probes), can be simply connected to the 4-mm banana plug of the transmitter test lead.
  • With the receiver, many other signals can be detected, such as 50-Hz hum, signals transmitted by IR remote controls, phase control of dimmers, and much more.
Switch position:???
Warble tone:varies 2 kHz
Amplitude:max. 4 Vss
Voltage tester:AC/DC > 5 V
Able to withstand voltages up to:250 V AC
Electrical power supply:Battery 3x1,5V Micro AAA
Continuity tester
Switch position:???
Continuity tester range:0 - 1,5 MΩ
Test voltage max.:4,2 V
Test current max.:2,2 mA
AF signal range:0 Hz - 3 kHz
Voltage tester:AC/DC > 5 V
Able to withstand voltages up to:250 V AC
Switch position:???
Broadband receiver:40 Hz - 10 kHz
Volume control:loud / soft
Electrical power supply:Battery 1x9V Block
Delivery includes
 Metal detector transmitter and metal detector receiver
Batteries (3x1,5V Micro AAA cells)
Pair of high-quality probes and alligator clips
Instruction manual and handy plastic case.

As usual, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided. The right is reserved to make technical modifications. For additional information, refer to the PDF document.
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