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Cable conductor tester (item no. 0370)

Notice: This cable conductor tester is compatibel with the TALK & TEST 3003!

This cable conductor tester is used to establish a two-conductor voice connection. From the beginning to the end of the cable, or to any random position such as to bushings or to terminal blocks where the conductors can be accessed. In addition to far-end crosstalk, connection tests can be performed between the two positions with the third conductor (test conductor). Connections are indicated immediately (optically and acoustically), without delay. It does not matter if the voice conductors are unconnected or connected telecommunications lines, if terminal equipment is connected or not. Short circuits, shorts to ground, broken conductors and swapped conductors can be localized. The voice conductor pair at the remote end is easily found with the built-in signal transmitter (which can be enabled at any end).

  • The TALK & TEST 3000 unit can also be used in conjunction with a test headphone to trace leads.
  • Loop resistance for voice connections up to 10 kΩ
  • Equivalent to a voice lead length of 140 km for copper Cu Ø 0,8 mm
  • Line resistance of the conductor to be tested up to 100 kΩ
  • Search tone mode makes it easy to find the remote end
  • Call button for calling the remote end
  • Individual volume setting
  • The polarity does not matter when connecting the voice lead
  • Can also be used for connected telecommunication lines
  • Immediate optical and acoustic display for connection test
  • Able to withstand external voltages up to 100 V AC/DC
  • Excellent transmission of voice
  • Can be powered by 3 1.5-V Micro AAA cells or rechargeable batteries
  • More than two units can be connected
  • 2 TALK & TEST 3000 units are required to set up a voice and test connection!

Delivery includes:

  • 1 tester TALK & TEST 3000
  • Approx. 2 m voice lead
  • 1 leight-weight headset
  • 1 1,5 m test lead
  • 2 conductor terminals (made by Hirschmann, type Kleps 30)
  • 3 batteries (Micro AAA alkaline)

The following accessories can be ordered:

  • Head-Set 08 (Artikel-Nr.: HS-08) einseitiges Head-Set für TALK&TEST 3000, robuste Ausführung mit 5-pol. DIN-Stecker. Für das Head-Set 08 erhältlich: Kunststoffkoffer (Artikel-Nr.: 0767).
  • Head-Set 09 (Artikel-Nr.: HS-09) zweiseitiges Gehörschutz-Head-Set für TALK&TEST 3000, robuste Ausführung mit 5-pol. DIN-Stecker. Für das Head-Set 09 erhältlich: Kunststoffkoffer (Artikel-Nr.: 0767).

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