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Kit CONTITEST 4000 Kit (item no.: BS0401)

  • Special prices for state-run schools; please ask!
  • More than just a continuity beeper
  • The kit CONTITEST 4000 introduces pupils and apprentices to electronics, based on a practical and meaningful concept. Hence, first contacts with electronic components (such as resistors, capacitors and transistors) will lead to an impressive experience of success when the students assemble the kit. In addition to building the tester, two additional aspects are important:

    1. The working continuity tester often accompanies a person for many years, as an extremely important and meaningful tool. This holds true whether the person regularly tests components (such as incandescent bulbs, fuses, switches or electronic components) in a professional capacity; or the continuity tester is only occasionally needed for personal use, e.g. to install a car radio.

    Even in our high-tech era, a continuity tester remains indispensible

    2. The aspect of conveying knowledge should not be neglected. Our detailed curriculum explains how to deal with parts used to assemble equipment. In addition, the lessons provide background theory on how the components (such as flip-flops, amplifiers and the tester's protective circuit) function, resulting in very usable knowledge about basic circuits.

  • CONTITEST 4000 indicates continuity optically with a red LED and acoustically via a speaker. However, the speaker can be disabled with a switch.

Specifications CONTITEST 4000 Kit:
Continuity tester range: 0 - 1,5 MΩ
Test voltage max.: 4,2 V
Test current max.: 2 mA
AF signal range: 0 Hz bis 3 kHz
Able to withstand voltages up to: 250 V AC/DC
Delivery includes: All required components, such as PCB, housing, speaker, all electronic and mechanical parts, battery, etc., with assembly and instructional manual.
Lesson documents: a detailed description of the teaching concept, with the option of downloading the documents can be found here: Free download here.

The assembly instructions and the teaching concept for practical work in electronics. Discounts for large quantities and special prices for state-run schools; please ask!

As usual, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided. The right is reserved to make technical modifications. For additional information, refer to the PDF document.
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